Pilates classes with Linda involve a good work-out with a strong emphasis on correct breathing and the development of flexibility and strength. Her classes are always fun amid much laughter and groans from her physically challenged students.

Margaret Carter On Pilates Yoga Styles

Bonjour, je suis Thomas et je viens de France. Je viens de terminer le cours pour enseignants Mat Pilates Level I & II avec Linda Newman et c’était fantastique, j’ai vraiment beaucoup profité. View video here >

Vinyasa yoga is a constant flow; poetry in motion; dance-like in its grace and elegance. Although seemingly easy, it requires a surprising amount of concentration to maintain Ujaii breath, the Bandas and then the Asanas.

A big thank you to Judy Hewat, we are glad you were with us on the Mat Pilates Teacher Training levels 1,2 & 3 in Bali looking forward to April 2017. View video here >

Pilates And Yoga Styles Testimonial Video