Slow Music for Background – Meditation, Yoga, Office – relaxdaily N°037

Slow Music For Background – Meditation, Yoga, Office – Relaxdaily N°037

Enjoy slow music for background, meditation, yoga, or as your office music (when you have a cool workplace 😉 This is another peaceful relaxdaily tune, created to make you slow down and/or being able to focus on the task at hand. It creates a peaceful and positive ambiance enhancing the experience of your activity. Thanks for listening, comment how it works for you 😉
Michael (relaxdaily)

About me and relaxdaily:
My mission is to create the most beautiful relaxing music on the planet (I know that’s a vague goal). At least it should sound peaceful, soothing and beautiful in my ears. I hope that some guys feel the same than. I began creating music in the broader „Relaxation Music” genre in late summer of 2011 (search for „Relax Daily N°001). I’m not proud of every instrumental I made so far. But you must start somewhere and improve along the way. I really give my best with every tune and now and than I get one that meets my vision.

If you like my music, you might comment below, how it makes you feel or in which setting or for which activity you use it. This really helps me to create new tunes. It inspires me.

Here are some of my personal favorite instrumentals so far:

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