Mat Pilates Teacher Training

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Training Overview

Pilates & Yoga & Styles offers comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Programs led by the PYS Founder, Linda Newman. Our courses are accredited with Fitness Australia and our programs meet the PMA’s criteria for inclusion in the Registry of Schools. Pilates & Yoga Styles is proud to be an affiliate of Pilates Education Institute USA.

Linda Newman, Pilates & Yoga Styles Founder, has more than 30 years teaching experience in the UK, USA, Asia and Australia. Having undertaken many Pilates Certification Courses, and after years of teaching and lecturing, Linda developed her own nationally Registered and Accredited Mat Pilates Teacher Training Course. Linda is highly qualified, dedicated and brings a combination of expertise in Pilates along with a strong background in anatomy and physiology. Linda continues to share her passion through her teacher trainings.

Why do your training with PYS?

The instructor courses are well developed, highly respected are practical and hands on. You will practice teaching the exercises extensively in both one on one and class settings. Our courses focus on ensuring you are confident to instruct each exercise, we focus on teaching you how to teach.

Our goal is to leave you with the skills and knowledge to accurately assess each client and provide the Pilates training needed to accomplish their individual goals. The knowledge to train clients with Pilates exercises at any fitness level. Truly teaching the body in front of you takes confidence and great knowledge. Choosing one of our courses guarantees a comprehensive training to get you to the level needed to enjoy a lengthy career in Mat & Studio Pilates.

So if you’re ready to take the next step to creating an amazing career in Mat & Studio Pilates please contact us about joining one of our programs.

Mat Pilates Teacher Training Courses

450-Hour Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

Join Pilates & Yoga Styles founder Linda Newman for a full 450-hr comprehensive Pilates teacher training program. This course is an in-depth Pilates training program which covers Mat Levels I & II plus the Reformer, Cadillac, and a variety of other Pilates equipment. Upon completion participants will be ready to accurately assess and train clients to accomplish their goals.
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Overseas Mat Teacher Training Courses