Pranayama & Meditation. Suitable for anyone s…

Pranayama & Meditation. Suitable For Anyone S…

Pranayama & Meditation. Suitable for anyone seeking to calm their mind and revitalise their bodies.
Mondays at 7.15pm.
This session introduces students to yogic breathing and concentration exercises that lead to meditative states of higher consciousness. Preparatory asanas, healing sounds or music maybe used to instil focus and clear the mind. Regular practice purifies and energises the body eventually leading to experiences of profound relaxation,peace and vitality.

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Pilates and Yoga Styles is dedicated to help you improve your quality of life through physical and mental rejuvenation.

At Pilates and Yoga Styles Studio in Geelong VIC and at our Pilates or Yoga Retreats held elsewhere we are offering a practical, healthy and spiritual community for all those seeking a healthier lifestyle. With every practice we thrive on building solid relationships to understand your needs. Bringing you an authentic Pilates and Yoga experience, our classes are available in progressive levels and are led by high caliber of trained pilates, yoga and healthy lifestyle professionals.