Nitya Karma Puja for Our New Website

Finally! We’ve made it!! I am very happy to see our long time devoted work to upgrade our website has ripened. And here it is, it’s big, it’s tall, it is all over and the most of it – it is simple. Simple to reach and simple to read, simple to share and simple to find. Dedicated to the continuous work of Pilates & Yoga Styles, all our students, our teachers, and most of all to the daily practice. Our work is dedicated as Nitya Karma Puja, our daily sacrifice that we perform with Joy, Awareness, Strength and Wisdom.

Meaning of Puja

Many interpretations can be given to the word “puja” which consists of two letters, namely, “pa” and “ja.” According to one interpretation, “pa” means “parayana” or continuous repetition of the names of God and “ja” means “japa” or continuous mental recitation of the names of God. According to this interpretation “puja” is essentially a kind of Hindu worship in which both parayanam and japam are practiced by the devotees.

In a puja ceremony, Hindus offer both flowers and water to the deity. Thus from this point of view, “pu” means “pushpam” or flower and “ja” means “jal.” The letter “ja” can also mean simultaneously “japam.” So in this context, puja becomes that form of Hindu worship, during which water and flowers are offered to God along with recitation of His names.

Lastly, puja has a spiritual dimension. According to this interpretation, puja means that form of worship through which we give birth to or awaken the indwelling spirit in us. Here “pu’ means “purusha,” meaning the eternal self and “ja” means “janma,” meaning to give birth to or to awaken.