Healthy hacks for the silly season: Nutritional tips and tricks

Healthy Hacks For The Silly Season: Nutritional Tips And Tricks

Healthy hacks for the silly season

Do you find yourself letting go of all of your health and wellness goals over the Christmas period? It’s so easy to get caught up in it all, but healthy living and nutrition expert Blair Norfolk is here to help with the following tips and tricks!

At big meals with family and friends, always reserve a third of your plate for a variety of non-starchy vegetables. That leaves plenty of room for heavier, more “indulgent” food, but should keep you from over-doing it and filled with healthy options.

One of the trickiest things about keeping up with your yoga routine is fitting it in around all the parties and holiday prep. Put your yoga and meditation sessions into the calendar now so that when the rest of the calendar starts filling up with social engagements, you’ll have that time already set aside!

Inevitably, your usual, healthy routine and diet may slip a little bit during the silly season – it happens to almost everyone. Do what you can to stay on track and bridge nutritional gaps in your diet with a daily wholefood supplement. I can’t stress enough how helpful an all-in-one, healthy supplement can be during busy periods.

Think about how you drink. Keep in mind how sugary or high in calories some beverages are. If you drink alcohol, spirits with sparkling water and lemon are a good option; for non-alcoholic beverages, go for something like sparkling water with a dash of cranberry juice, a squeeze of lime and mulled mint.

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