Elena Brower’s Go-To Recipe for Nourishing Comfort Food

Elena Brower’s Go-To Recipe For Nourishing Comfort Food

Yoga teacher Elena Brower, author of the new journal Practice You, shares her go-to meal—a versatile mix of quinoa, seasonal veggies, avocado, egg, and miso dressing. Nourishing and delicious, make extra for a quick anytime meal.

Quinoa Harvest Bowl

Serves 4

“I eat this meal in various iterations up to six times a week.
Kale provides vitamins and antioxidants for my skin, which I love. Quinoa and eggs bring protein and sustenance. I make and store extra quinoa, veggies, and dressing in glass containers in the fridge, and then warm up the ingredients in my cast-iron pan or copper wok. Add cooked eggs for a stir-fry that’s ready in five minutes.”