Mat Pilates, Level II

PURE Balance Mat Instructor Training

From fundamentals to advanced movement, and wide array of variations in between!

Mat work is the foundation of the Pilates method. The PURE Balance Mat program includes the full repertoire of Pilates exercises, along with modifications and variations to make your program successful for a wide range of clients. By incorporating the PURE Balance movement principles, we give you the power to be a transformative teacher.

Mat 2 (16 hours)

Intermediate/Advanced Exercises
Prerequisite: Movement Principles and Mat 1

Mat 2 teaches the remaining intermediate and advanced level Mat exercises for a complete understanding of the Pilates Mat program. Lectures include progressive skill development to achieve the advanced exercises, programming for intermediate and advanced classes and creating successful Mat classes.

Mat Program Includes:

  • Instruction in the complete pre–Pilates and PURE Balance Pilates Mat exercises.
  • A detailed manual to enhance your learning experience.
  • Mat class design and delivery based on the Movement Principles and PURE Balance Programming System.
  • Development of cueing, coaching and teaching skills.
  • Safety information for teaching older adults, pre and post–natal women, and clients with back, knee, neck and shoulder conditions.

Upon completion of all requirements, a certificate of completion as a Balanced Body Mat Instructor will be issued.

Location & Registration

Teacher Training will be held at Pilates & Yoga Styles Studio