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The Founder

Linda Newman, the founder of Pilates & Yoga Styles

Linda Newman is an internationally recognised teacher, pioneer and founder, tirelessly committed to creating a high level learning experience for her students. Linda has been teaching for more than thirty years and teaching the teachers for more than seventeen. A constant student and dedicated practitioner herself, Linda is a teacher with integrity who delivers authentic Yoga classes and teacher training to the public.

In both her personal life and professional practise Linda combines her training and experience in fitness and Yoga. At thirteen Linda began practising Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga (physical and meditative exercises) regularly. Later in Singapore Linda founded Fitness Connection which she ran successfully for seven years becoming a Reebok and Nike sponsored presenter and athlete. She lectured at the Victorian Fitness Academy on Cert III, IV and Diploma in Fitness for several years. Linda ceaselessly updates her knowledge and experience and has officially completed more than 1700 hours of traditional yoga studies, under teachers in India, Australia and the USA and is a Yoga Alliance accredited ERYT 500 & YACEP.

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Our Philosophy

It is our passion to create a safe and welcoming space for all people to practice yoga and Pilates with highly trained teachers.

Our guiding principle has been that of community – creating a space where yoga, in all its many beautiful forms, can happen. Our primary goal has been to offer yoga to our community in a way that enriches lives on every level.

The future of Pilates & Yoga Styles is held by the students, by the teachers and by the staff who call PYS home.

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Our Aim

Our Aim at the Pilates and Yoga Styles Studio is to integrate all 8 limbs of Yoga

Patanjali, the author of the ancient Yoga Sutras, coined the term ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ as referral to his 8-limbed Yoga. Yoga Asanas, or postures, are just one of these limbs – of equal importance are the other limbs such as Pranayama, preath control, Meditation and the personal and social code of Ethics, the Yamas and Niyamas.